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I’ll make a brand new start of it

September 5, 2012

Last week’s Beethoven 9 at Tanglewood was spectacular, but bittersweet for me. Sunday afternoons on the lawn at Tanglewood are one of my favorite ways to wile away a day and I’m certain there are many more in my future even though I won’t be working there anymore, but it certainly had by second-guessing my choice to leave.  The first concert I heard at Tanglewood was Beethoven 9, on the lawn, in 2001. I knew the minute I walked through the gates that day that I wanted to work there. I never actually thought it would happen, but lo, 5 years later, I was walking onto t he grounds as an employee. And seven blissful summers later, moving on. But it was painful to realize that my special relationship with the place, my sort of claim on it, would be no more.

But if last week made me question my decision, this week, confirmed it was the right one. Not because it was a bad week. Actually, because it was so good. For a completely not superstitious person, I can be really superstitious when I like the messages the universe seems to be sending me.

And the universe wasn’t terribly subtle when it arranged for the final piece of music I heard the Boston Pops perform whilst still an employee to be Liza Minnelli singing “New York, New York.”

When I got the call on Sunday morning that Liza Minnelli was making a surprise appearance with the Pops, I was nothing but grumpy. My plan for my final concert and day of work was to be very busy getting hugs goodbye, but nothing else. So to have to call press and arrange backstage photos was less than happy-making.

For fun, the Pops artist assistant had me escort Liza. I’ve met a lot of icons over the years and am rarely starstruck, but Liza is Liza. We all have so many expectations of who she is and what the experience will be.

We sat on the back porch of the venue, waiting for her cue and talking about her life, mine, music, and life. She was warm, quick-witted, and slightly fragile. Exactly what one would expect only so much more wonderful.  I told her it was my last day and she was interested in every detail of what I was going to do next. Or at least she was polite enough to appear that way. She let everyone who wanted one take a photo with her and she made me laugh more times that I can count. She also borrowed my Covergirl Cranberry Fruit Spritzer lipgloss before going out on stage.

And Liza on stage! She turned it on in every way. She gave it her all and showed in every way that her icon status is more than just a function of who her parents were.

So thank you Liza, and the Boston Pops, for sending me  off in the best possible way. It was a blue moon this weekend as well. The next one isn’t until 2015. Somehow that seems relevant as well….the moon and New York City await!

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  1. Roberta permalink

    All I can say is I miss you

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