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Shit – its me!

September 18, 2012

THey say if you can’t identify the annoying one then its you. I don’t think I’m the annoying one (don’t think we have one), but I am the needy one. I’ve borrowed so much lately its gotten to be a joke. Good job I brought the xanex. That’ll make up for everything.

Lots of updates, but they’ll have to wait a few days. For now I’m in Bandipur. Our five our bus ride through the mountains yesterday became a nine hour ride because of landsldes and a student protest that blocked the road for several hours. I love a protest, especially one with an albino Nepali student leader, but not so much yesterday. Our hours of car would you rather and alphabet games got tiring.

But we arrived, I’m looking at the Annapurna and am off to raft for a couple days. I’ll fill you in on it all when we get to Chitwan jungle on the 20th or so.
My camera is in working order, so photos to come!

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  1. BMH permalink

    Thinking of you every day. Love the blog!! Be safe.

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