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Jam Jam (Lets go!)

September 22, 2012

We’re off! YIKES!

We’ve cast the movie version of our trip. As with every movie about my life, I shall be played by Sandra Bullock. The rest of our cast is as follows:

Emma: Jennifer Laurence

Jamal: Jack Black

Gary: Steve Coogan

Alyson: Drew Barrymore

Adam: Seth Rogan

Anna: Kate Winslet

Fiona: Susan Sarandan

Martin: Billy Baldwin

Chitra: Dov Patel

It’ll be a great film and hopefully a comedy rather than a drama (we’ll let you know in a week).

I still can’t get the photos smaller, but I’ve put some up on Facebook in a hopefully public album:


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  1. esme permalink

    I love it! Did everyone choose his or her own celebrity, or did you thrust one upon them? Interesting cast. I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

  2. Karen permalink

    I always cast Elizabeth McGovern as me.

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