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West End Girl

October 20, 2012

I am really good at living in New York and figured it was ok to move when I did because I’d done everything there was to do in this city.  I lived on nothing and as part of the 1%; I had been mugged, ridden the Cyclone, and dated celebrities; I’d eaten in the best restaurants in the city, the cheapest ones, and ones of every ethnicity imaginable; I survived garbage and taxi strikes, a blackout, and a terrorist attack. So I thought I was ok, I’d embraced the city and experienced all it has to offer.

Today I did something I’d never done before. I walked over the Manhattan Bridge. I know that’s silly, and really the Brooklyn Bridge walk is so far superior, but I’d never done it and it’s just confirms this City always has something new to offer.



I lived a perfect New York day today. I did early morning yoga in Prospect Park (my downward dog needs a lot of work); visited my favorite purveyors – the Park Slope Coop (where I reinstated my membership), the Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market,and, best of all, Sahadis.

Then I walked through Brooklyn, past my beloved BAM, and Juniors, over the bridge to my remarkably inconveniently parked car (can’t wait to release myself from car-ownership. It’ll happen soon), lunched with a friend on the upper west side, followed by tea and a potential work meeting.



When the rather famous  and somewhat intimidating woman with whom I was meeting heard my tale of woe of having trouble getting help for some heavy lifting, she immediately put down her cup and said, we can talk business over dinner. Lets go move furniture! And we did.


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  1. Roberta permalink

    I can hear the smile in your words

  2. Mike Miller permalink

    You need to reveal who your rather famous furniture mover was….

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