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American lady – don’t shoot anyone.

March 17, 2013

Such a wonderful couple of days. I type this from the airport about to head, very sadly, back to New York. I loved my visit and I so wish I could stay longer.

Yesterday I woke to a big breakfast and the paper, while watching the rain in Nic and Tif’s back garden. The Guardian is a great read and there were two articles, both really insightful, if critical, about Sheryl Sandberg, one of my obsessions of the moment.

We went to an afternoon movie and then I met my trekking friends at a bar. Everyone looked like a cleaner version of when I last saw them. Anna hair was down, as I suspect she always wears it, but I’m so used to it in braids; we had on make up and jewelry and nice sweaters, For about one minute they seemed like strangers, but we quickly kicked into our familiar rhythm and our friendship far deeper than its duration was in full swing. Anna had come from a hen night and chattered charmingly about her shoes and nails; Fiona regaled us with tales of her travels; Alyson, who was responsible for bringing us all together, made sure everyone had food and drink; Gary and Adam kept us in stitches; Emma and I mocked each other lovingly; and Martin observed us all with amused silence.

Emma was late as she had to watch the England vs Wales Rugby championship. She was sworn to secrecy as to the results as Gary would watch following our night.

We made our way from the bar to a comedy club, where Americans in general and me as their representitive, were easy targets. The best moment was when one performer blurted out the rugby score to Gary’s dismay and our delight. We left as the show host called out “have fun tonight American Lady, but don’t shoot anyone…”

This morning, I brought my worlds together as Emma joined Nic and Tif and me for a big sunday roast. I had roast beef with trimmings and was dismayed to see that didn’t include yorkshire pudding. I was further dismayed when puddings arrived on tables all around us, but the company made my distress tolerable.

And I’m on the plane – about to shut down the computer.

Another amazing time with friends around the world.

We all met in easy that could have been so fleeting – my trekking pals on holiday, Nic in grad school. And yet here we are and I hope it will survive for a long time to come. I was thrilled to get an invitation to Anna and Adam’s wedding in my email this morning. I will do it more formally – but I’m RSVP-ing yes!

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