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Here Comes the Sun

June 6, 2013

Oh happy day! The sun was out when we woke yesterday. And gloriously so.It was one of those perfect spring days with a Tiffany box blue sky and white ribbon clouds.

Mark and I headed “up the hill” to Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral for a meeting about the next day (today’s) concert. Jumping on a tram, we joined the morning commuters for a bumpy ride. I love public transportation. I try to take it in every city I’m in. In Prague there are subways, but the flooding is going to thwart my efforts to take an underground trip. The cable car is a great way to both see the city and get where you’re headed.


Outside of the Old Town the tourists thin out (except near the cathedral and castle) and real life begins. In a small building and up many flights of stairs, we came to the office we needed. Decorated with posters from events and conferences they’d worked on, we talked logistics and press. Mark stayed to work a bit more and I headed out and down the hill back to my computer.  Of course, I took the long way home.


I’m not so much a tour the castle girl, but I liked the area around the castle and the collection of students and tourists and buskers it attracted.


The Cathedral is everything you want in a cathedral – imposing arches, beautiful stained-glass, uncomfortable pews.

St v

The walk downtown was filled with music. Prague is a city of music and musicians and on every corner someone is camped out singing or playing (there was a fun version of American Pie which included the lyric “This’ll be the day I’m Jedi”). It’s like a soundtrack wherever you go.

Back in Old Town Sq, I got some ham off a spit for lunch…omg was it good – all smoky and crispy skin.


The vegetarian thing is definitely on hold at the moment.

I wondered a bit more, and, after annoying a junk shop owner for taking photos of his fabulous collections of wares,


I headed back to the hotel where I spent the evening working. Hungry, but not up for a big night, I did the best thing one can do in Europe, got some bread, cheese, salami, and beer and ate in my room looking out over the city.

Its 6am now and I’m off to our big day. WISH ME LUCK!

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