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You got an Upgrade?!

December 28, 2014

It was an early start to yesterday.  At 4:30 I headed, takeaway breakfast in hand, to the airport. At stop in Thailand and then on to Male, capital of the Maldives. Little frustration after the candies that I’d bought to bring Nicola were confiscated at the airport (which also held signs not to carry idols meant for worship – Male is quite strictly Muslim, though the resorts turn a blind eye.

A transfer to the grand sounding Trans Maldavian Airlines had me on a small seaplane with a barefoot driver and air plugs for the 40 minute trip to Vilamendhoo, my island home for the next few days.  We landed once to let off a few passengers at another island and then headed to a dock far out in the water. We disembarked and got on a small boat which took us to the island and our welcome committee.  Well, my welcome committee.  Nicola and Tiffany, topped with Santa hats, stood waving like festive madwomen as the boat approached.  Several of my fellow passengers waved back and took photos, before they realized they were only for me.

We sat in the reception bungalow with cool towels and lime cocktails as the host talked me through my visit.  Complimentary massage, sunset cruise, restaurants, and, oh yes, I had been upgraded to a jacuzzi water villa, the most luxurious accommodations available.

Tiffany smiled graciously as Nicola bust goodheartedly out with “You got an upgrade! You always get the upgrades! It’s not fair”.  It was sadly for only one night, but we did a good job with it.  The cabins are on stilts along a wood dock that reaches out into the water.  They have large canopied beds with light coming from a deck in the back and front, but have high walls so no one can see in.  The front is an unbroken view of the water.

A couple beers (this will be a theme of this part of the vacation, I fear) and we headed back to their room about a kilometer away down the island, then off to watch the sunset with pina coladas.  Dinner was a buffet of everything imaginable capped with crepes suzette and more cocktails and then we retired to my jacuzzi.  Not really built for three, but we managed.

At about 10:30, the day hit me and I kicked them out.  Today we head off to do some snorkeling and in the afternoon a turtle cruise.

I’m in paradise.

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