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Another day in paradise

December 30, 2014

I have a gecko that wakes me in the morning.  I’m hoping when I get home I can find some version of his chatter to add to my iPhone alarms – it is a lovely way to wake (although I wish he slept a bit later).

After breakfast yesterday, I joined Nicola and Tiffany on their daily snorkel around the island.  I could not understand how they could do the sam activity every morning and still find it interesting. But then I looked down at the seas below me an all was clear.  Fish were everywhere – all shapes sizes and colors. I had a code for them in my head to remember which they were (old man fish, that would be a great dress fish, clashing colors fish, etc), but Tiffany knew them all by genus. (although when I queried why she was sure one fish was a female, she was did admit she hadn’t anticipated the question – it just seemed like a female.)

As we swam along, Nicola and Tiffany stopped to look at a particular fish. I swam in to see what had captured their imagination and Tif pulled me back.  That’s the most dangerous fish in the area she said as we surfaced. It will take a bite out of you.  “OK – I’m going that way,” and off and away I swam.  A short time later we stopped short in our swimming.  Below us, swimming lazily, was a turtle.  Its flippers moving him (or her) gracefully through the water.  We followed it for about twenty minutes – Nicola filming – but eventually he bored with us and swam away.

My favorite fish were the common parrot fish. There were hundreds of the beautiful brightly colored darlings. Apparently they eat coral and they would jam their hard mouths against the reef to loosed up some food. After they’d had their fill, they’d swim off, a trail of dust (poo?) behind them.

The entire experience was like jumping in the tanks at Bloomberg  – every fish imaginable.

We finished the snorkel in time for a little rest, lunch, and my massage. The massage room had a cut out in the floor and I spent the entire soothing time watching fish below me. With all the knots out of me, it was time for more.

Tiffany and I grabbed a kayak and tooled our way around the island. While it was no Saco River, the tides were strong and it took effort to get around, but was worth the strain.  As we waved to snorkelers and the boat traffic, took in the calm beauty around us.

Another short rest and off we went on our sunset cruise.  A loud family of Brits shoved their way loudly onto the boat ahead of us, and we all felt a little less enthusiastic. And just when it was our turn to board, they announced the boat was full and we’d be on the next one.

Ours had just a handful of passengers on it as we headed out in search of the sun. Clouds prevented us from seeing too bright a setting, but the boat ride was lovely.  There was a bit of commotion and excitement when someone called out “dolphin” and we all rushed to see what was a log floating in the water (ok – the someone was one of my party), but even that didn’t taint the evening.
Worn out from a wonderful day, we stumbled for another cocktail and dinner.

You will all be relieved to know that I didn’t lend my voice to karaoke night.

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