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Where’s Nicola?

January 1, 2015

As anyone who’s read more than an entry or two of Mountains and Moxie knows, this is not my usual kind of travel. I pride myself a bit in roughing it alone, so no one is more surprised than me to find myself in the lap of luxury.  Well – Nic and Tiff were, having booked what they thought was a romantic getaway only to have me turn up on it! (precedent was set when I tagged along for part of their honeymoon, but that’s a story for another day).

My first evening alone in paradise has been wonderful, but there’s a lot less laughter without my companions. I had a pina colada at the sunset bar, watching the best sunset of the trip so far, wishing N and T could have seen it, and slightly gleeful realizing how jealous they’d be when they see the photos on Facebook.

As I was back in my room before dinner, my house boy (their term not mine) showed up for turndown service. Yesterday he had spelled out happy new year on my bed with palm leaves and flowers. Today he made a stingray out of my sheets.  When I told him how much I loved the new year’s message, he blushed and asked if I’d had a good time at the party.  I asked if he’d been able to go and he said they weren’t allowed. I made through Cambodia without adopting a child, but I am seriously considering bringing this boy home with me.

At dinner, our waiter, now my waiter, asked which seat I’d like. I was actually stumped if I should keep the bad seat I’d been in or move (I moved).  I had a vegetarian feast and fruit including currants for dinner. Currants, it turns out are both Nicola’s favorite fruit and banned in the US  (though New York recently overturned the ban, so and enterprising farmers out there, get to it).  My waiter told me how much he liked Nicola and Tiffany. How much he missed them. Then he teased me by mocking my american accent (which, to be fair, N and T would have done).

After dinner, I sat in our favorite beach chairs for one good night cocktail. The bar waiter came by with my pina colada without my needing to ask and said “Where’s Nicola?”  “She’s gone, they had to leave.” “Oh, no!” he replied.

So Nic if you’re reading this – you are missed! Tiffany – so are you!


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