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Fiber and Fiber

November 11, 2015

Iceland doesn’t have much that is native to the country.  They’ve adapted well – the seafood is beyond belief and they do amazing things with lamb (more on that in a minute), but veggies are hard to come by.  Yogurt is keeping us in balance and there are usually hot house tomatoes and cucumbers on the plate, but we were pretty thrilled when micro greens appeared last night at our fancy hotel (the only one on the trip).

The road from the Peninsula to our hotel took us through my favorite little seaside town and a museum where we learned the brutal saga of Egil – a viking poet who periodically when berserk and killed people.    We also visited the Medieval home of Egil’s biographer Snorri, who also came to a bad end.

Arriving at our fancy digs, we hit the outdoor hot tubs for a couple hours, splurged on dinner and got pretty heated at hearts (I’m currently in second place in our trip long battle).

This morning we rose early and headed out to the Golden Circle, the tourist must-see stop featuring geysers, waterfalls, and tectonic plates.  First though, we hit the Icelandic yarn outlet.  Those sheep are good for more than just lamb dinners and everyone loves and Icelandic sweater.  Amanda has the skills to make them, so this was a place not to be missed.  A loooooong visit completed, I believe our girl will be knitting for a year.

Dinner at the famous lobster soup spot next to the ghost museum was a mixed blessing – the soup was spectacular, but the museum was closed.  We watched the Northern Lights on our drive to a lovely hotel on the way to tomorrow’s glacier.  It is apparently owned by a famous footballer, and looks like it was furnished out of IKEA, but it’s wonderful.

Tomorrow, we hike the glacier.  Hopefully you’ll hear from me again.  If not – I love you!

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