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Delhi in a day

November 26, 2017

Whenever I tell people about my travels they always ask if I’ve been to India.  I think it seems like i take spiritual” trips and nothing is more spiritual than India.

In september, frustrated by unemployment, I started Googling trips and India emerged as an affordable one.  In less than an hour from when I first had the idea, I booked a ten day tour of India’s greatest hits – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Mumbai (where I’ll celebrate my birthday).  Then I got a job.

After 20 hours of planes and airports (including some nuns playing saxophones), I arrived In Delhi.  Thee pollution problem is heard so much about was evident the moment I left the airport and was hit with an oppressive chemical smoke.  Deep breaths hurt.  The sun glowed through the haze.  I had been toying w going north to the Himalayas and the pollution sealed the deal for me.  I cant imagine walking around all day in this.

i checked into my Delhi hotel and feasted on dosa and curries, then napped – the vivid malaria pill dreams already kicking in after only one dose.

At noon my driver arrived and we’re heading north – me with a bandana covering my nose and mouth and he smiling at how light the pollution is today.

As we drove out of the city, he pointed out sights, asked me about Trump, told me of his affection for Obama (I told him of mine), and dodged traffic.  Cars often go both ways in one lane.  Motorbikes dodge in and out, and cows wonder everywhere.

At one point he explained to me that old Delhi is very dirty and New Delhi is clean. “So we’re in Old Delhi” I surmised. “No, this is New Delhi!”  So I’ve done my ugly American thing for the day.

Now to nap my way to Haridwar.

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