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November 30, 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Mostly because it is free with the room, but also because you never know when you might eat again.  Breakfasts at Indian hotels are not the cold cereal and pancakes on tap fare of US hotels (I love pancakes on tap), but giant spreads of spicy veggies and a western option or two.  So yummy.  I’m about to fill up for seeing all of Jaipur in a day.

Also – I lie when I travel.  A lot it turns out.  I have had my pretend husband for a long time.  In Morocco, I had a pretend baby as well.  It helps make people comfortable.  The first question every single driver I had as asked “So, how many babies you have?”  followed quickly by “how old are you?”  So I tell them what they want to hear.  But I lie to fellow travelers as well.  When asked what I do for a living, I have been a music teacher, a writer, a social worker, and a Hilary campaign worker (that was with the horrible Texan who wore a Make America Great Again t-shirt to the Taj Mahal.)  Its fun to try out different jobs and see how people react.  They like it when I’m a teacher, not so much when I’m a boss.  But I like it.



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