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We’re going to need a bigger boat

August 24, 2018

At 5:45 am I joined father and son Ronald and Freddie, and family James, Sarah, Gracie and little Oliver, in a van back towards Cancun.  About 20 minutes before we arrived, and after a quick stop at 7/11 for coffee – oh how I love 7/11 – Pablo, our guide explained what would happen next.

“I don’t want to give you anxiety” he led with. And then he said a lot of things that gave us anxiety. So much so that Gracie, near tears decided she would not participate.

We go on a small the eight of us got on a small boat manned by a captain and our designated swimmer and headed out towards open water to swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea.

The last time I headed out to open water, to swim with manta rays in the Maldives, it did not go well, but todays weather was clear and the sea was calm. We reached a small gathering of boats and within seconds dorsal fins surfaced and large spotted backs breached the water. We were each give two chances to jump in with the massive creatures, two at a time and with the swimmer who pushed us towards them and occasionally pulled us back.

It went so quickly. We sat on the side of the boat as the captain got us into position and suddenly JUMP JUMP JUMP they’d yell. We jumped in practically on top of the sharks as they’d swim towards and then past us. The first jump felt frenzied and chaotic, but by jump two, we were all able to swim alongside the fish for a minute or two (only one for me) before they’d glide out of reach.

Exhausted, we headed to Isle Mujeres, the Island of Women, for lunch and a glorious swim in the crystal water. We toasted our bravery with beer and relaxed on the bow of the boat as we headed home. The ride back to the hotel was as snoozy as the ride to the hotel. We were very proud of ourselves.

Tonight is a nearly full moon and I’m writing this on a lounge chair on the beach.




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  1. inacity permalink

    Unreal!! Whale sharks!! I learned about them on Dora The Explorer!! My kids are furious at you for travelling without them. I told them you were away, and P said, “That’s Aunt Kathleen. What did you expect?” What, indeed!! Sounds dreamy. I have good news of my own when you return. Till then, viva la vida Kathleen!!

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