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My Great American Road Trip – Oregon

September 17, 2020

The rocky coast of Oregon might be the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen in all of America. And I’ve seen some beautiful landscapes (hello – Alaska). Of course I was always going to like Oregon. Its got beautiful countryside, a never ending supply of outdoor activities, great food and drink, and a stop on the Stephen King site tour. It’s a lot like my beloved Berkshires, but in Portland there are more tattoos (and there are a lot of tattoos in the Berks, so that’s saying something).

A few things about Oregon. I had the best glass of wine of my life at the Timberline Lodge, site of at least some of scenes from The Shining. Also while we were there, we saw some twins, but, I am opposed to the blanket idea that twins are creepy (a myth that movie perpetuated). Portland is home to the world’s greatest bookstore, a lot of micro brews, and some ridiculous doughnuts. A little piece of my heart lives in Portland.

But what to make from Oregon is a bit harder. It is a state with many great ingredients, but they trust you enough to come up with the recipes. I decided to combine two of Oregon’s claims to food fame and make hazelnut crusted salmon. And – spoiler alert – YUM!

This could not have been easier except one small step. I could not find hazelnuts, or, as I’ve been told I need to refer to them at least when I next find myself in the Beaver State, filberts. I’m from NYC, where one can get anything one needs at pretty much any time. Miami Beach – not so much. I had to order my filberts to be sent directly from Portland. And then I had to stop myself from eating them all before I got to cooking.

Step one – grind up the filberts until they’re a bit of a crumble.

Step two – take your salmon filet and spread with a very thin layer of mayo (very thin, its just so the nuts stick, I put a little too much on). Salt n pepa that baby, then spread the nut crumble, some orange zest, and some fresh taragon.

The whole thing goes in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes or til the fish flakes. I alway under cook my fish a bit – I like it rare. Then I served mine with a bit of orange scented rice (I had some old rice in the fridge and I added some orange zest and the tiniest squeeze of juice to it. Plus a good dash of salt.

Holy crap. Easiest thing in the world and so wonderful. Which I think is a lot like living in Oregon. Except these days. My heart is with you Pacific Northwest. Stay safe.

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  1. inacity permalink

    That’s beautiful… Oregon and your fish. I was hoping for the part where you use a dash of oregano and you say something along the lines of, “Orega-no? Orega-Yes!” I mean, that’s you! Good work!

  2. Karen permalink

    I’m adding this to my salmon rotation. I can buy hazelnuts at the grocery store.

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