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Fire and Ice

November 6, 2015

I’m leaving tomorrow.  I haven’t packed or really even thought about packing yet.  And I’m not sure where the stuff I want to bring is, because I haven’t finished unpacking from my recent move.  But I’ll be ready when the Uber arrives.

It’s a big difference from the first trip I took when I laid everything out a month before departure.  It’s not the only difference. This time I’m traveling with friends.  When the plane lands early tomorrow, there will be three fellow travelers waiting for me at the airport.  And while I”m a bit of a ticket in and a ticket out and the rest is up for grabs, they have our trip well planned.

The one trip I didn’t write about was Iceland.  I’m went two years ago this month, and I’m not sure why I didn’t write about it, but I didn’t.

It’s a good thing that that’s where my plane is headed tomorrow.

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