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Welcome to Iceland, It’s been waiting for you

November 8, 2015

The flight was easy.  Iceland Air is a great airline (I judge that by whether or not I get an upgrade. I did). I’m not sure I could name the last time someone met me at an airport, so it was thrilling to walk out of customs to the smiling faces of Amanda, Melanie, and CeCe.  Amanda and I are friends and former co-workers, Melanie is her sister, CeCe is a friend of Melanie, but as happens with travel, we’ve all become fast friends (though, it’s only the beginning, so anything could happen).

Dropping our bags off quickly we headed out into the Reykjavik darkness (it was 8 am) in search of sustenance.  I quick walk through the rain, we found a wonderful cafe.  A lot of coffee and croissants later we hit the shopping district, first stop – yarn.  The rain came and went through our journeys into a little museum, the world famous hot dogs, a funky church and more shopping (yummy cheese for our road trip!).  Chilled to the bone we resorted to jumping jacks on the street to warm up and finally got back to our hotel for a little lie down before heading out for fish soup.

On the way to soup,  I fell down. It’s not usually the first day of the trip that that happens, but at least I got it out of the way.

The harborside fish restaurant offered lobster soup (okay, the lobster had a weird consistancy for me) and beyond fabulous fish kabobs.  We ordered a bunch and shared.

By the time we got to be, at about 9, we were all ready for bed and to bed we headed.
At 8 this morning, we were off in our rental car (I’ve dubbed it gryla after the giantess that lives in the icelandic mountains and is the mother of the 13 Yule Lads).

The Ring Road will take you through all of Iceland’s sites.  We saw waterfalls galore, hiking to one (it was a short hike) and fjords, and many many lava fields.  We passed through what promised to be an adorable fishing village, and it was, but not really what we’d hoped for so we abandoned plans to lunch there and powered on, having a car picnic with the cheese from yesterday for lunch.

The lava cave was our first official stop was a lava cave tour.  It was deep and dark and there were many bad troll jokes from our guide, but it was fun.  And felt like a great kick off to a week of activities.

Like yesterday, the rain came and went, but it was pretty gone for good when we emerged from the cave.  A glacier and spectacular rainbow greeted us.

A detour to walk a rugged beach ended with silly photos and chocolate.

we arrived at our lovely hotel before dinner.  Unable to decide, we ordered lamb, fish, and two fish stews, which were a lot more like fish shepherd’s pies to split among us and ended with rich chocolate cake.  Every bite was perfect!

While our hosts watch Downton Abbey, an evening of card games and socializing with the other guests while drinking licorice tea (ok – I’m the only one doing that) tonight, which happens to be Icelandic father’s day (happy day dads!) lies ahead.

It’s been a good introduction to this beautiful island.

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