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August 4, 2016

Seattle, not surprisingly, is on the cutting edge of the burgeoning legal marijuana business.  Dispensaries are everywhere, though they don’t seem to be open in the early mornings.

I am not an experienced drug user, though I have a fondness for a little light chemical alterations (valium before a flight, kind of thing) and I’ve certainly smoked enough pot not to be a complete innocent.  But I wanted to make a legal purchase, so when I passed a dispensary on my final trip back to my hotel, I had to stop in.

My ID was checked and double checked (MA licenses are apparently cryptic) and I was let into the softly lit space.  Along the walls, behind glass, were the many offerings each with a short description of it’s effects – relaxing, energizing, etc.  Their were buds and pre-rolled joints.  There was a wall of edibles including cookies, teas, and margarita mixes.  The clientele were middle aged and white.  They all seemed to know what they wanted and were quick to make their purchase.

Overwhelmed I bought a single truffle edible that I was told would be good for the flight.
“Only eat half of it, if you’re an inexperienced user” said the man at the counter.  “Only eat half of it” said my friends whom I’d texted to tell them of my purchase.  Just before I jumped on the plan, I ate all of it.

Not much happened by take off time.  I closed my eyes and tried to feel the effects.  Nothing.  The plane was very loud and I was sure that we were tuning in a very tight circle. Looking out the window, we seemed steady, but when I closed my eyes the plane began the circle again.  My finders and toes began to tingle and slowly my arms and legs did as as well.  The plane dipped and tuned and pulled up as the people behind me and next to me chattered and  chattered like cicadas.  I tried to pull my eyes open, but they fought it and stayed closed.  As we landed I drank all the water I had to quench my dry mouth and to try to re-connect with the world outside my body.

A slight french farce later, I found Siobhan and we made our way into Anchorage in the dark.  We’ve awoken to a rainy day and the start of our adventure.  But first, coffee!







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