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Sleeping Well in Seattle

August 4, 2016

I need this trip.  I know I have less right than anyone to “need” a vacation, but I’m definitely in need of stepping out of real life for a bit.

I’ve been fully immersed in our political process for the past couple weeks.  I didn’t fall in to the Republican convention rabbit hole, but I sure did with the Dems.  I spent several evenings watching the convention and sparring with a complicated friend who, like the democrats themselves,  both inspires and infuriates me.  A lot of late nights alongside long days of a changing professional landscape.  Yup.  I needed this trip.

Still -when the Uber arrived at 4:30 on Monday, I could have just stayed in bed.  Say, my driver, had more enthusiasm at that hour for my trip than I did.  He told me I was a real hipster (not something said of me) and that he wanted to go on a trip with me (say in a purely innocent way).  By the time we arrived at the airport I was ready.  Even the window and aisle seat man spreaders on either side of me for six hours in the air couldn’t dampen things.

A quick nap later and I was zooming to a portside lunch with the kind of old friend who can tell you the truth, hear it from you, and still laugh with you till your sides hurt.  We zoomed around the city until it was time to head to Safeco field to see my Red Sox and his Mariners head to head.  We walked through the city, stopping to smile at bearded, flannel clad millennials and their adorable dogs (a disproportionate amount of which were 3-legged).  A group of 20-somethings in front of us suddenly stopped as one women exclaimed “Shit – I left my scooter at the coffee shop” and ran off in the direction they’d come.

We had beer and hot dogs and watched the sox win and pondered our lives.  My friend believes in me and I believe in him and we each needed to hear it from someone we could believe.  The next day we went to get fancy donuts and more coffee and to do some silly souvenir shopping.  As he drove off, I headed to Pike’s market to watch the fish mongers toss the cod.  I pondered the rows of gorgeous veggies and ate delicious crab dumplings from a store front.

A nap later and I was off for a night out with another old friend.  We had wine and oysters and gin and tonics and a shot of something the bartender recommended that tasted of pineapple and summertime.  And much more laughter.  Getting up for my 8am breakfast with a young cousin was daunting and I was cursing our generous bartender as I ripped through my bag in search of advil.  But Nelle, someone I’ve known for her entire life and much of mine, was a cure for everything bad.  She fed me organic veggies and walked me around the charming Lake Union.  We talked about travel and jobs and our wacky and wonderful relatives and, yes, laughed.

Nelle left me for work and I spent the day exploring the outdoor sites of Seattle – the Space Needle, Chihuli Gardens, the Sculpture park and the waterfront.  I saw statues of  Chief Seattle and  Vladimir Lenin.  It was Fleet Week, so the sailors in their dress whites prompted an internal soundtrack of On The Town and added to the romance of the city. .

Seattle is a beautiful city in August and by the time I headed back to the hotel to move on to leg two of my trip, I already found what I needed for this trip.  I felt completely awash in gratitude for the love of my friends and my family.

There was only one thing left to do!




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